Management Message

For the Next 50 Years

     We celebrated our 50th anniversary and we will continue taking on challenges to make Nidec a bigger global company. First, we will become a company with sales of 10 trillion yen in fiscal 2030.
      After founding Nidec in 1973, we have raised sales target steadily to 10 billion yen, 100 billion yen, and 1 trillion yen. Looking back, there were lots of hardships, but thanks to the participation of many like-minded people, we finally grew to over 2 trillion yen. We have grown with a ratio of half organic growth and half M&As, but in order to achieve 10 trillion yen, we need to carry out larger-scale M&As in a faster time frame.
      In July 2023, we announced commencement of the tender offer for Takisawa Machine Tool. Tender offer is sometimes regarded as a hostile proposal in Japan, but we believe this will lead to a change of Japanese stock market. We will accelerate our growth by actively utilizing M&As and continue to make efforts to be a global leading company.

Founder and Executive Chairman
Shigenobu Nagamori

To Make a V-shaped Recovery

      Nidec’s FY23 first half net sales stood at a record high of 1,160.7 billion yen, 2.6% higher Y/Y. First half operating profit increased 20.1% Y/Y to 115.8 billion yen, marking a record high due to steady progress in manufacturing cost improvement after a large structural reform expenses were posted in the last fiscal year. In this fiscal year, we will prioritize profitability and achieve a V-shaped recovery of business performance.
      We consider five growing markets, including “car electrification” represented by EVs (electric vehicles), “power saving of home appliances,” “robotization,” “digital data increase” and “cooling solutions with the introduction of 5G',” as big business opportunities. We will realize business portfolio that incorporates these future growing fields and make efforts to achieve our medium-term strategic goal of four trillion yen sales in fiscal 2025. We will continue to grow sustainably by also reforming our profit structure.

Hiroshi Kobe

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