Management Message

Sales and operating profit increased in the fiscal year 2020!

 In the fiscal year 2020, sales and operating profit increased to ¥1,618.1 billion and ¥160.0 billion, respectively. Although the fiscal year started in the midst of the spread of the COVID-19, our business performance exceeded the initial forecast for the full year. We resumed M&A which we had temporarily suspended, and we acquired Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd in February. The businesses of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd. will complement our existing businesses in machinery and automotive fields.
 It is expected that chaos occurred by the COVID-19 will continue in fiscal year 2021. However, we are seeing many big opportunities represented by the “Five Big Waves*.” We will turn this adversity into an opportunity and move forward vigorously.

Founder, Representative Director and Chairman Shigenobu Nagamori

* Five Big Waves: Business Opportunities of “Decarbonization,” “Manpower Saving,” "5G & Thermal Solutions," “Digital Data Explosion,” and “Power Saving.”

To lead our company to further success

 We have positioned our automotive business and appliance, commercial & industrial business as our two core ones. Demand for our automotive products is expected to increase as the market for electric vehicles expands in response to the trend toward decarbonization. We aim to capture 40% to 45% share of the global market for traction motor systems used in electric vehicles by 2030 and are working to improve and expand mass production system. In the Appliance, Commercial & Industrial area, we are implementing structural reforms such as consolidation and relocation of production bases to increase profitability. I will continue to pursue further growth of our company while fulfilling my new role as CEO after June 2021.

Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer Jun Seki

Founder’s Message

For further growth of Nidec

 In June 2021, I handed over my position as CEO to President Seki. President Seki will assume ultimate responsibility for management execution and results from now on. I was looking for a successor who can make the Nidec Group grow even bigger over the years. Mr. Seki's management style is very similar to mine, and I believe he is the right person for the CEO in terms of quick decision making, leadership and humanity. As the Chairman of the Board of Directors, I will continue to participate in important management decision-making process for our group's sustainable growth. At the same time, as the founder and the largest shareholder of Nidec, I will fully support President Seki, who is the CEO.
 I imagine that our company will continue to grow for more than 100 years, and from now on, as the founder, I will put even more effort into the work that I am supposed to do. One of these work is to ensure that our corporate philosophy is well understood by the management teams and employees. Nidec's mission is to contribute to the earth’s environment by producing the highest quality motors in the world. To fulfill this mission, we will become a global company that grows sustainably for the next 100 years and beyond and the world’s leading solution-providing business group that solves numerous problems for the people in the world. I am confident the understanding of the philosophy by all our group employees will be a major force in aligning our vectors and Nidec will continue to grow for more than 100 years. We will continue our efforts to become the world's No. 1 comprehensive motor manufacturer.

Founder, Representative Director and Chairman Shigenobu Nagamori

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