Management Message

Regard changes in the market environment as chances, and forge ahead to achieve the mid-term strategic goal!

We aim to achieve annual sales of two trillion yen and an operating profit ratio of 15% or higher in FY2020 (fiscal year ending March 2021). Despite the current changes in the market environment, the level of our customers’ interest in our products for a mid- to long term remains strong. We will ride the five innovative waves, i.e., the four existing waves of “automotive electrification,” “expansion of robot applications,” “home appliances driven by brushless DC motors,” and “manpower-saving in agriculture & logistics” combined with the fifth and new wave of “next-generation technologies stemming from 5G communications” to forge ahead to achieve our mid-term strategic goal.
As changes take place in the market environment in China and elsewhere, we regard them as chances for us to capture the market’s demand after it recovers to what it was before. To turn adverse challenge into a chance as we always have, we squat slightly to gather strength for now, to make a leap towards future success.

Shigenobu Nagamori Founder, Chairman and CEO Nidec CorporationShigenobu Nagamori

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