ESG stands for Environmental Social and Governance. It is a general term used to measure the sustainability and ethical, environmental impact of businesses on society. Socially responsible investors make investment decisions using ESG criteria. This section discusses Nidec's key approaches to managing its G aspects.

Corporate Governance and Internal Control

Nidec aims to establish integrity as a company, obtain society’s trust, and sustainably expand its corporate value based on the motto, “high growth, high profitability, and high stock price.”


To enhance our global competitiveness and grow our businesses sustainably, we motivate our directors to improve Nidec ’s corporate value, and decide the amount of remuneration to secure talented managerial resources, based on the proper standard for our company size and business domain.

Corporate Ethics

By complying with laws, regulations, internal rules and standards, social ethical standards, etc., we constantly promote compliance to enhance our officers’ and employees’ ethical awareness, establish corporate integrity, and win society’s trust.

Risk Management

Nidec tries to secure business continuity by anticipating both mid/long-term and daily risks based on a global perspective.

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