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Introduction of Nidec's Newest Technology

Future Technologies (5)Nidec aims to work hard to enter new business sectors by utilizing the technologies we have developed, such as IoT, Service robots, AGV systems, and Autonomous driving technology etc.

Service Robots

Focusing our Capabilities on the Service Robot Field

Intelligent Motors with Microcomputers

Overcoming numerous design challenges in motor control, such as realizing high-precision servo capabilities, maximum efficiency operation, ultra-high-speed rotation, soft starting, overload monitoring and vibration suppression.

IoT (Internet of Things)

The age of big data—when everything becomes interconnected—has arrived. Motors, the backbone of industry, contribute toward an affluent society.

Nidec's Technical Capabilities (9)Nidec's approach to research and development

Solutions Centered on Brushless DC Motors

Optimally designed modules combining motors with fans, blowers, pumps, gears and controllers

Fundamental Technology for Innovative Motors

Higher torque density, less noise and reduced vibration—laying the foundation for the motors of tomorrow

The Servo Technology of the Future

Completely new servo technology with support for control systems of unprecedented scale and precision.

Implemented Solutions (27)On this page, examples of applications, case studies, implemented solutions, case studies, and solutions are listed.

Brushless DC Motors, Blowers
and Gear Units for Vacuum Cleaners

Modules that combine the superior capabilities of brushless DC motors with blowers, gears and other components

Integrated units for hair dryers combining brushless DC motors with AC-DC power supply circuits

By replacing universal motors with Nidec's brushless DC motors, hair dryers can be made significantly smaller and lighter.

Integrated Brushless DC Motor and Fan Blade Units for Electric Fans

The trend of reduced power-consumption and increased functionality has reached the electric fan market. Nidec develops products that contribute to smaller and lighter high-functionality electric fans with a wide range of settings and modes.

Motors In Everyday Life

Nidec's motors are utilized in a wide variety of applications and equipment used in your everyday life.
On these pages you will find information about the motors that make up the core of our business and how they contribute to your everyday life.

What Are Motors?

This page features articles such as "Quest for Capabilities and Further Possibilities Hidden in Motors", "Basic Motor Information" in order to help people understand motors and related terms. This wide range of articles has been written and edited by Takashi Kenjo, our Technical Adviser.


Introduction to the World's No. 1 Products by Market Share

Research And Development Bases

Aiming to be the world's No.1 manufacturer of comprehensive drive technology, Nidec runs research and development bases in order to contribute to a wide range of industrial sectors through global collaboration.

Intellectual Property Information

Nidec strives to secure intellectual property rights including patents in the four areas of the organization, securing of rights, utilization of rights, and globalization of intellectual property.

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