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Position Detection Technology Zignear® that realizes High-Precision Motor Control

Features of Position Detection Technology Zignear®

Nidec has developed a new position detection technology Zignear®, which utilizes the magnet attached to the motor and general-purpose electronic components.
In the past, it was difficult for brushless DC motors to accurately detect the position due to "dispersions" in the mounting and sensitivity of magnetic sensors, typically hall sensors. Nidec has developed an algorithm that corrects "dispersions" and succeeded in improving the accuracy of position detection by utilizing a general-purpose microcomputer unit.
The features of Zignear® are "Low cost", "Small size", and "Various output formats". Regarding the position accuracy, the position error: mechanical angle less than ± 0.1° is achieved under the condition of environmental temperature: -40 to 125 ℃ (as of October 2020). Zignear® realizes high-precision and response of motor control, which can be used for equipment such as sewing machines.

                  ▲Position Detection Technology Zignear® Overview

Regarding "Small size", the Zignear® circuit board is used by attaching it to the motor as shown in the figure below. The typical annular shape fits in a small space with an outer diameter of about 30 mm with a thickness of about 2 mm.

                  ▲Image: Configuration of a rotor magnet and the Zignear® circuit board

Regarding "Various output formats", by utilizing a general-purpose microcomputer unit, it is possible to output ABZ pulses which are standard for optical encoders, as well as serial data, voltage, PWM, which are common with magnetic encoders. The output format can be selected as desired by configuring Zignear®.

                  ▲"Various output formats" can be selected by configuring Zignear®

In addition to brushless DC motors, we are also conducting trial applications for stepping motors, various motors, and position sensor units.

Application Examples of Position Detection Technology Zignear®

Here is an example of a stepping motor equipped with Zignear® prototyped for sewing machines as an applied product, and also a demo video of Zignear® brushless DC motors. A stepping motor is required to repeat high-speed forward and reverse rotation for cloth feeding of the sewing machine, and we demonstrated that the sewing machine operates normally by outputting the angle accurately and with a high-speed response. In addition, we are planning to install Zignear® in motors used in industrial robots, AGVs (automated guided vehicles), power tools and so on, and are proceeding with demonstration experiments. We are convinced that Zignear® is the perfect solution for your product. Please feel free to contact us.

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                  ▲A demo video of Zignear® brushless DC motors
                  ▲Zignear® application example of stepping motor

  • Zignear® is a registered trademark of Nidec Corporation in Japan.

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