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Thermal solutions

Combining a variety of heat-resistance products to offer them as solutions

Nidec offers thermal solutions by proposing optimum heat-resistance products and solutions for customers’ issues. Especially in recently years, as a growing amount of data needs to be processed after the full-scale launch of IoT, AI, 5G, and other ICT services, CPUs and VPUs are subject to a huge amount of load, making heat a serious issue.

In addition to conventional air-cooling heat sinks with a high thermal treatment performance, with a wide variety of water-cooling products, Nidec offers cooling solutions to meet a diversity of heat-processing needs.

Nidec’s lineup of thermal solutions

With the following product group, Nidec offers thermal solutions that meet a variety of needs.

- Vapor chambers and heat pipes

These products, with an excellent heat conductivity, rapidly diffuses and spreads heat from data processing. These products, which can be machined into various shapes and forms, are used in such products as smartphones, cameras, PCs, servers, TV sets, and gaming consoles.

Heat pipes and vapor chambers

- Heat sink

After being located at a heat source, the heat sink cools absorbed air by diffusing it into the air. The heat sink is of an uneven or accordion-like shape, as cooling performance increases as the area exposed to air becomes wider.

Heat sink

- Cooling fan

Some cooling fans apply a strong wind to a heat-generating device to for direct cooling, while other fans exhaust heat remaining inside a device. Cooling fans are used for a variety of applications, including communication equipment, automotive devices, servers, office automation equipment, home appliances, and desktop PCs. In workstations, a heat sink is attached to a CPU, which generates high heat, and a fan is used to cool the unit.

Fan motor

- Water-cooling module

5G devices are said to generate heat 100 times that of their 4G counterparts, and conventional water-cooling systems are reaching their limits in containing such am amount of heat. This is why Nidec is focused on developing water-cooling products, which are significantly better at cooling than air-cooling systems. Water-cooling products are also believed to consume a smaller amount of electricity than air-cooling devices – a significant advantage over them.

Water-cooling module

The Nidec Group utilizes synergies from the wide range of product lineup to develop and produce diverse heat-resisting systems, and, using the diverse lineup of products, offer comprehensive thermal solution. For inquiries and requests regarding heat measures, please contact us at Nidec.

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