Technology & Case Studies

Future Technologies

EV Traction Motor System E-Axle

The product that combines the Nidec Group’s technologies to work as an EV’s “heart”

EV platform

Nidec embarks on the development of a versatile wheeled platform – the crucial element to dissemination of EVs.

New-generation Tactile Devices that Reproduce Realistic Sensations in the Metaverse

Tactile device to use vibration to reproduce tactile sensations

Autonomous Driving Technology

At the Nidec group we combine the capabilities of our individual companies to shape the future of autonomous driving with advanced sensing devices and recognition algorithms—the keys to fully autonomous driving.

Service Robots

The Nidec group possesses a wide range of technologies for developing and producing components, modules and units for the service robot field and offers an extensive lineup of related products.

Collaborative Control Technology for Motors

The microcomputer-embedded Intelligent Motor® can realize a real-time, high-precision collaborative control via wireless network-based telecommunications.

Intelligent Motors Equipped with Microcomputers

Overcoming numerous design challenges in motor control, such as realizing high-precision servo capabilities, maximum efficiency operation, ultra-high-speed rotation, soft starting, overload monitoring and vibration suppression.

IoT (The Internet of Things)

The age of big data—when everything becomes interconnected—has arrived. Motors, the backbone of industry, contribute toward an affluent society.

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