About Nidec Corporation

Management Policy, Quality Mission and Vision

Nidec's manifesto on the path we are taking.

Three Principles of Our Nidec's Operations

1.Our Company shall be operated in full recognition that an enterprise is existent for the public at large.

Therefore, our Company shall never be owned, governed or operated by one specific family. Our Company shall always be against family partnership enterprise. No one shall ever be permitted to utilize our Company for his or her personal ambition and interest.

2.Our Company shall be independent to carry out research and development by ourselves and to be engaged in production as well as in sales activity on our own without relying upon other companies.

3.Our Company shall endeavor to produce such quality goods as will be recognized by the customers in the world in good competition with world-wide enterprises.

In other words, our Company shall never be content with just our domestic market, but be conscious of "International Enterprise." Thus, our daily efforts shall be extended toward this direction.

Quality Mission

Our quality mission is:

- To provide products and services that satisfy our customers on a customer-first basis.

- To focus on manufacturing world-leading products on a quality-first basis.


On the four pillars of "Small precision motors", "Automotive motors", "Motors for home appliances, commercial use and industrial use", and "Other product groups", Nidec Group accelerates its growth with self-supporting growth and a positive M&A strategy.

Organic growth + M&A strategy = Four pillars of 'Vision 2015'

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