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Power generation systems for LNG powered ferries

Power generation systems for LNG powered ferries designed to meet limited space requirements and improve passenger comfort through reduced vibration

Fitting a power generation system in a limited space
Structure of the generator and peripheral equipment optimized for prescribed specifications and designed with space constraints in mind

Developing electronic systems for a variety of marine vessels

Nidec ASI started its business over 150 years ago as a manufacturer of industrial equipment for ship- and railroad applications etc. Building upon its extensive experience and long history, the company has garnered an impressive track record in the marine industry as well. The wide range of vessels that Nidec ASI supplies electric power systems for include special purpose ships like scientific research vessels, supply boats, passenger ships, container ships, commercial ships such as bulk carriers, military ships, FPSO / FSRU (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading / Floating Storage Regasification Units) and workboats such as anchor handling boats used for oil- and natural gas surveys and excavations. The main electrical package typically consists of power control systems, generators, transformers, drives, electric propulsion systems, propellers, thruster systems, winch controls and other elements central to the main features of marine vessels. Wielding our extensive experience, Nidec ASI can work with customers starting from the specification development- and design phases to design each of our highly reliable generators or propulsion systems tailored individually to fit the particular needs of every customer.

NIDEC ASI excels at the development of electronic systems for FPSOs, navy ships, extravagant cruise ships among other marine vessels

Designing generators with space constraints in mind and improving passenger comfort through analysis of vibration levels

One example of our solutions being applied in the industry is a recent project in which we supplied power generation systems for LNG engine driven ferries made by Fincantieri. The power generation system and its peripheral equipment had to be designed with the space restrictions due to the nature of ferries in mind, which was made possible due to Nidec ASI’s in-house design and manufacturing capabilities that allow us to customize overall dimensions and performance to meet exacting customer requirements. This unmatched flexibility allows us to choose the optimal design to meet the specific requirements of every application by taking choices such as number of poles, rotor length, frame size and method of cooling, etc into consideration for every project. We were also able to minimize noise and vibration through a frame design based on analysis of noise and vibration levels. Before this project, LNG engines had not been used for passenger ferries due to concerns about safety issues. Nidec ASI, well-known for attention to safety and reliability, is proud to have had a role in the realization of the first power generating system for an LNG powered passenger ferry in the world.

Overcoming challenges and meeting a variety of needs through application of proprietary design and manufacturing technology

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