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The traction motor is the heart of the EV. Of course, it would be nice for an EV to be powerful: The driver could enjoy the EV way of acceleration, while enjoying the comfort of driving a high-rank one. However, power is always a trade-off with size and electricity consumption. The user wants the traction motor to be in its limited space, and generate required output without need for extra weight. To achieve this harsh demand, Nidec examines every single detail of its entire traction motors, to invest in optimum materials and revolutionary technologies. This is such a powerful force based on our ideas as a motor manufacturer.

Nidec’s Solutions with Powerful Products

Compact and light brushless DC motor for cordless vacuum cleaners

Utilize the brushless DC motor’s competitive advantages to offer motors for light and high-suction cordless vacuum cleaners.

EV Traction Motor System E-Axle

The product that combines the Nidec Group’s technologies to work as an EV’s “heart”

AGV Systems

Nidec integrates brushless DC motors, high precision reduction gears, sensors and more to create AGVs capable of freely moving around and transporting goods. We are also working on the development of smart AGVs making use of IoT

The motors that drive WALKCAR, the “portable car”

Revising a case structure and use an advanced designing to make a “portable car”

Solutions for glass elevators

Expanding the range of applications for elevators through implementation of compact drive systems.

Super-flat Actuator FLEXWAVE with Axial Flux Motor

Utilize shape-related merits to a reducer-equipped, light, thin, short, and compact actuator.

AC motors for pumps powering ultra-large fountains

Developing long-lasting motors designed to withstand the thrust of high-power fountains.

Power generation systems for LNG powered ferries

Power generation systems for LNG powered ferries designed to meet limited space requirements and improve passenger comfort through reduced vibration.

F5B Electric Glider Competition

Nidec is challenging the limits of compact, high output, and high efficiency motors in F5B, the world's premier motor glider competition. In addition, Nidec conducts a range of research and development based on the experience in the F5B competition.

Nidec’s Technology to Create Powerful Products

Fundamental Technology for Innovative Motors

Higher torque density, less noise and reduced vibration—laying the foundation for the motors of tomorrow

Nidec's Technical Capabilities CAE Technology Developed In-House

At Nidec, we utilize original modeling technology and analysis software developed in-house to optimize the design of our fluid dynamic bearings.

Rapid Prototyping

Exceeding the Needs of our Customers with Shorter R&D Cycles and Reduced Costs

The Advanced CAE Technology behind our Optimally Designed Modules and Units

Coupled analysis and other advanced CAE tools cut down on development times and make development of advanced modules and units easier.

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