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Make Lighter Products

Drone, electric bicycles, EVs, electrically assisted bikes – Lightness directly affects mobility products’ driving performance.
For vacuum cleaners and hair dryers, too, lightness is an important factor that reduces burden on their bodies. Being light is critical for motors that are installed in these products. At Nidec, we thoroughly search for lighter materials for our products’ components. If a material is hard to process, we even create a new way to process it. We develop small but strong magnets for size reduction. Such relentless search for ideal products draws us closer to the future of mobility products and home appliances.

Nidec’s Solutions with Light Products

Compact and light brushless DC motor for cordless vacuum cleaners

Utilize the brushless DC motor’s competitive advantages to offer motors for light and high-suction cordless vacuum cleaners.

Motor For Cleaning Robot

Nidec provides highly efficient, small and light, low-noise and long-life motors. In addition, we are ready to offer design work up to the point where the motor is connected to the wheel. Motors inclusive of the unit design are available for customers.

Integrated units for hair dryers combining brushless DC motors with AC-DC power supply circuits.

By replacing universal motors with Nidec's brushless DC motors, hair dryers can be made significantly smaller and lighter.

The motors that drive WALKCAR, the “portable car”

Revising a case structure and use an advanced designing to make a “portable car”

Brushless DC Motors, Blowers and Gear Units for Vacuum Cleaners

Modules that combine the superior capabilities of brushless DC motors with blowers, gears and other components

F5B Electric Glider Competition

Nidec is challenging the limits of compact, high output, and high efficiency motors in F5B, the world's premier motor glider competition. In addition, Nidec conducts a range of research and development based on the experience in the F5B competition.

Super-flat Actuator FLEXWAVE with Axial Flux Motor

Utilize shape-related merits to a reducer-equipped, light, thin, short, and compact actuator.

Pushing the Limits of Miniaturization with our Ultra-Thin & Ultra-Small Fans

Less than 3-mm thick and with 20-mm sides—our ultra-compact cooling fans are a result of cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art analysis and manufacturing technology.

Integrated Electric Power Steering Motors and ECUs

The Smallest and Lightest Class of Power Packs in the World.

Next-Generation Motor Control Technology

Nidec has succeeded in the development of control technology that enables position control of brushless DC motors with a precision rivaling that of HP stepper motors. This new technology paves the way for more efficient, lightweight and compact products in a variety of fields including multifunction printers.

Nidec’s Technology to Create Light Products

Nidec's Technical Capabilities CAE Technology Developed In-House

At Nidec, we utilize original modeling technology and analysis software developed in-house to optimize the design of our fluid dynamic bearings.

Rapid Prototyping

Exceeding the Needs of our Customers with Shorter R&D Cycles and Reduced Costs

The Advanced CAE Technology behind our Optimally Designed Modules and Units

Coupled analysis and other advanced CAE tools cut down on development times and make development of advanced modules and units easier.

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