Sustainable Resource Use

We focus on establishing business processes to realize effective use of raw materials. We continuously work to promote recycling by thoroughly sorting waste and developing uses in addition to avoiding waste as much as possible in the manufacturing process.
Additionally, water is the most precious resource that is indispensable for people's lives and industries. We work on water risk management such as assessing the risk of water withdrawal and discharge to continue business activities and the impact of water withdrawal and discharge on surrounding areas and water source areas.

Resource Management

We will work to reduce waste in manufacturing processes, improve material yields, and use raw materials effectively.
We will consider developing measures that can contribute not only to our own manufacturing processes but also to the effective use of resources by our customers and society In the future.

Water Resource Management

We implement measures to save water, reuse, and recycle in order to conserve water resources in addition to working on water risk management to continue business activities.

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