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The headquarter of NIDEC GPM GmbH is located in Thuringia, Germany and was founded in 1939. The company develops and manufactures water pumps, oil pumps and modules for the international automotive industry. Its customer range covers the most important Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). With more than 7 decades experience in the development of water pumps for combustion engines, NIDEC GPM is technology leader in Germany. The product portfolio includes conventional, switchable and adjustable water pumps for the whole range of the combustion engines. In the result of more than 3 decades experience in the field of oil pumps, they have adjusted concepts, too. Their R&D department with a staff of more than 100 engineers and technicians also researches for future concepts of hybrid and electrical pumps. In 2014, the company achieved together with his foreign branches in China, Brasil and the USA.

Corporate name NIDEC GPM GmbH
Location Schwarzbacher Straße 28, 98673 Auengrund OT Merbelsrod, Germany
Description of business R&D, manufacturing and sales of water pumps, oil pumps and modules for the automotive industry; wide range of OEM customers (passenger cars and commercial vehicles).
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Major Product Lines

Conventional water pumps
Adjustable water pumps
Conventional oil pumps
Adjustable oil pumps
Transmission oil pumps

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