Social Media Policy

Nidec Components hereby define as follows our Social Media Policy (“the Policy”) regarding the operations of our social media accounts and the participation by our executives and employees (“our employees, etc.”) in other social media, and ensures that our employees, etc. comply with the Policy.

The attitude of our employees, etc. when participating in social media

Our employees, etc. behave moderately and sensibly while participating in social media by:

  1. 1.Complying with applicable laws and regulations, as well as applicable internal rules such as our Work Regulations, the Policy, and “the Nidec Group Social Media Guidelines;”
  2. 2.Listening attentively to the participants of our social media accounts, and providing them with information actively to make their participation valuable for them;
  3. 3.Understanding that social media is a place of individual-based communications, that the media is open to the general public, and that information, once released, cannot be retracted completely;
  4. 4.Following the rules and regulations of individual social media services launched and run by third parties, and respecting the cultures and manners of these services; and
  5. 5.Respecting third parties’ intellectual property rights, right to privacy, honor, and other rights.

For social media users

Our social media accounts are:

The statements made by our employees, etc. or those associated with them on any of our social media accounts are not official announcements or expression of views of us. Our announcements and views will be released on our official website or in the form of news release, etc..


The Nidec Group Social Media Terms of Service

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