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This page shows the message from the CEO, business outlook, management philosophy, vision and various other information on NIDEC DRIVE TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION.

Message from the CEO

A message from the CEO and President of NIDEC DRIVE TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION.

Company Profile

Find the location, capital, sales breakdown, business performance and other basic corporate information.

Business Summary

This page shows NIDEC DRIVE TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION's areas of business.


The NIDEC Group's basic compliance philosophy and code of conduct.

Corporate Philosophy

NIDEC Group's corporate philosophy.

Corporate Slogan

NIDEC Group's business activities under the slogan.

Board Members and Executive Officers

NIDEC DRIVE TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION's CEO and other executive officers.


NIDEC DRIVE TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION's business growth from when the company was established up to the present.

Sales Trend

Our sales trends and sales by segment from 2001 to present

Major Bases

Our R&D, production, and sales corporate at a high level, and meet each market's needs.

News Releases

Our news.

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