Dear valued customers,

Thank you very much for your continued support for Nidec Shimpo Corporation.

Please be informed that, as Nidec Corporation, our parent company, commemorates its 50th anniversary on April 01, 2023, its Japanese name will be changed from “Nihon Densan Kabushiki-gaisha” to “Nidec Kabushiki-gaisha.” Accordingly, our company, a Nidec Corporation’s subsidiary, will have its Japanese name changed from “Nihon Densan Shimpo Kabushiki-gaisha” to “Nidec Drive Technology Kabushiki-gaisha (“Nidec Drive Technology Corporation” in English)” to bear the Nidec Group’s brand name, on the aforementioned date.

As we are poised to work with dedication to further expand our businesses and meet your company’s needs, we truly appreciate your continued support for us. Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

Tatsuya Nishimoto
President & CEO
Nidec Shimpo Corporation