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Compact Desktop Test Stands FGS-TV/FGS-5000TV


Delivers extensive performance as a test machine

Compact desktop test stands with high-performance, advanced functions, combining digital force gauge, motor stand, and exclusive add-in software "TGT-TV"into one set. *Digital force gauges that are not included in a set are sold separately.

Equipped with various measurement modes as standard:[Compression/Tension tests / Peel tests / Destruction tests / Force detection tests / Reciprocating tests] / Built-in USB port. Can import data by connecting to a PC USB port, and also perform various operations, such as start, end, and action selection from a PC. / Data Import Software Specialized for FGS-TV *FGT-5000TV is a special production including software.

Product data

Basic information

Endurance load 1000N* FGS-□TV
Endurance load 5000N* FGS-5000TV
Maximum load 5000N
Load values that can actually be measured are up to the rated capacity of the FGP/FGPX to be mounted.
Remarks Please refer to catalog below for the details.

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