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FLEXWAVE high torque type B / WPS series (open type, simple contained assembly)


Small, lightweight, compact precision reducer

Useful for various situation such as robots and machine tools

FLEXWAVE is the superior choice when sizing and selecting the proper reduction technology for robotics, medical equipment, high precision positioning, custom assembly automation, semiconductor and circuit manufacturing, machine tools, among many others.

Product data

Basic information

Size 35、42、50、63、80
Reduction ratio 50、80、100、120
Nominal output torque *1 7 ~ 178Nm
Maximum output torque *2 23 ~ 459Nm
Emergency stop torque *3 46 ~ 892Nm
Nominal input speed *4 3000r/min
Maximum input speed *5 4800 ~ 8500r/min
*1 The maximum value allowable at the input rotation speed of 2000r/min.
*2 The maximum torque when starting and stopping
*3 The maximum torque when it receives shock
*4 The maximum average input speed
*5 The maximum input speed

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