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ABLE reducers VRXF series


For customers looking for lightweight compact reducers for gantries and packaging machines

ABLE reducers meet various customer's requests.

New gear design with a fully-complementing roller bearing structure for increased torque transmission, Compatible with most servo motors' requirement with its peak allowable torque being up to 350% of the rated torque. (Up to 300% for E frame), Further reduction of noise achieved with new helical gears, Higher efficiency and oil leakage prevention with high-performance grease, Maximum high input speed at 6,000 spm, The same dimension as our VRSF series and fully compatible and replaceable, Standardly equip much-in-demand straight shaft output (no key groove), Works with all servo motors all over the world, either attached directly or with adapter/bushing system

Product data

Basic information

Size B、C、D、E
Reduction ratio 3 ~ 81
Backlash Standard backlash: 15 arc-min / LB: 5arc-min (10 arc-min) / PB: 3 arc-min
Nominal output torque 3.06 ~ 119Nm
Maximum output torque 8.23 ~ 274Nm
Nominal input speed 3000rpm
Maximum input speed 6000rpm
Allowable radial load *1 392 ~ 3530N
Allowable axial load *2 196 ~ 1765N
Weight *3 0.55 ~ 10.8kg
*1 The radial load applied to the output side shaft center.
*2 The axial load applied to the output side bearing.
*3 The weight may vary slightly model to model.

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