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ER series


The reducer for general industries with its strong original circlute type gear mountable on generic motors

Using Nidec DriveTechnology's original circlute type gear


  • Less-wearing and long service life
  • High efficiency per reduction stage
  • Multiple reduction stages (double / triple) types available
  • Various mount options
  • Less backlash (0.1 arc-min or less) type available
  • Compatible with all types of motors (Dual Shaft type is also available)
  • Disassemblable structure that makes maintanace easy

Product data

Basic information

Gear Stage Single stage, double stage, triple stage
Reduction ratio Single stage: 1/11, 1/17, 1/29, 1/35, 1/47, 1/59, 1/71 (Double stage and triple stage are the combinations of single stage. Ex. double stage: 1/121-1/5041, Triple stage: 1/1331, 1/357911)
Motor capaciity (4P) 0.2-15.0kW (single stage) mountable on general motor flanges
Note Less backlash (ER-NB) is also available. Please download the catalog for more details

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