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DUB series


3 low-priced large capacity models available

Provided the air layer between the furnance body and the exterior coating so as to prevent surface temperature from increasing.

Using gas springs capable of opening and closing the door lightly.

Safety Construction
Good for Schools

Outside Surface body temperature is dropped less 80℃ by installing the design of double Wall construction (Brick & Insulation) and a cooling fan.

Easy Lifting

A lid is easily opened by using two air suspensions and is available from DUB.

Easy Moving by Foot Casters
Modular Design of Kiln

All kiln can be equipped with casters.

Large sizes of kilns from DUB are available to have detachable sections and move and setup at indoor houses and basements.

Easy Kiln Firing

Pushing three buttons on our controller can be started firing easily.

The firing temperatures up to 1,300℃ are available. 10 basic programs for Glaze firing, Bisque firing, and Raku firing. 16 self-programs are available.

Product data


Model DUB-05 DUB-07 DUB-10
Outside dimension (W×D×H) 905×810×730mm 905×810×995mm 1070×985×1070mm
Inside dimension (Dia.×H) φ445×340mm φ445×570mm φ585×685mm
Weight 110kg 140kg 175kg
Electric capacity 4.7kW 6.7kW 10.3kW
Power supply 220V 23A 220V 33.5A 220V 52A
Firing Temperature 1300℃
Thermocouples R Type Thermocouple, 1 piece
Shelf φ395mm 2 φ395mm 3 Half 1 φ530mm 2 Half 2
Post 30,60,90,120,150mm 3pcs. for each 30,60,90,120,150,210mm 3pcs. for each

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