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No need for spiral wedging by using vacuum type

The NVA-04S pugmill features newly designed twin augers and a forceful direct gear driven motor for remarkable extruding capability that produces air-free clay and increases clay workability. It features an all-stainless interior for use with porcelain and other light colored clay bodies. The high quality wedging and extruding capacity obtained makes this compact pugmill one of the most efficient and competitive on the market.

De-Airing Pugmill

High-quality design using stainless steel for main body and screws

>Rust resistant

>Available for porcelain clay

Established superior wedging / de-airing function and extruding capacity

Easy access to interior for maintenance

・Compact design
・Dual safety system
・High de-airing capacity
・High extruding capacity
・High quality wedging function

Product data


Model NVA-04S
Dimensions 920 (1,320 including clay roller stand)×420×750 mm
Weight Main body; 140kg Clay roller stand; 5 kg
Main motor Single phase 230V 400W
Vacuum pump motor Single phase 230V 200W
Extruding capacity 200kg/hour
Screw horizontal Clay hopper; two shafts Nozzle opening; 1 shaft
Extruding diameter Dia. 90mm
Note Stainless steel is used for clay hopper, nozzle, clay wedging shelf, screw and screw case.
Caution Please read the entire instruction manual thoroughly before initial set-up and operation; the information contained here in will aid you in operating your Nidec DriveTechnology wheel safety and with excellent results.


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