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ABLE EVRG series


For customers who want to make the length of reducers shorter.

ABLE reducers meet various customer's requests.

Shorten the length in the output shaft direction of the reducer, the same dimensions of the mounting side as those of our VRG series (coaxial shaft type), space-saving design that can further exhibit the characteristics of small servo motors, realizes high rigidity with a newly adopted cross roller bearing, maintenance free & freely mountable, applicable to various servomotors.

Product data

Basic information

Size B60、C90、D120、E170
Reduction ratio 5、7、11、15、27
Backlash 3 minutes
Nominal output torque *1 6.26 ~ 191Nm
Maximum output torque *2 14.7 ~ 543Nm
Nominal input speed *3 2000 ~ 3000rpm
Maximum input speed *4 4200 ~ 5000rpm
Allowable radial load (flange type) *5 672 ~ 7599N
Allowable radial load (output shaft type) *6 245 ~ 3181N
Allowable axial load *7 927 ~ 10800N
Allowable moment *8 38 ~ 1037Nm
*1 With nominal input speed, service life is 20,000 hours.
*2 The maximun torque when starting and stopping.
*3 The maximum average input speed
*4 The maximum momentary input speed.
*5 Allowable radial load (flange) is a value acting on the cross roller bearing (thrust load: zero).
*6 Allowable radial load (output shaft) is a value acting on the center of the output shaft (thrust load: zero).
*7 Allowable thrust load is a value acting on the center of the output shaft (radial load: zero).
*8 Allowable moment is the allowable maximum moment

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