Environmental Activities

Through activities in its surrounding area and in collaboration with those who share its goal, NIDEC SANKYO is continuing with active effort to preserve and on to the next generation our irreplaceable Earth.

Promotion of energy saving, reducation of CO2

The largest factor in CO2 emissions during SANKYO's corporate activities is electricity consumption. NIDEC SANKYO is promoting CO2 emission reduction by implementing energy saving examinations of air conditioning and other equipment at its business places throughout the country to check on their energy-saving measures.

Cooperation with local communities.

Through local activities, Nidec Sankyo engages in active efforts to preserve and hand on to the next generation our irreplaceable Earth. Our Shimosuwa Works is participating in the Lake Suwa Adapt Program whereby residents, business and other groups carry out clean-up activities on the shores of Lake Suwa. In these and other ways, NIDEC SANKYO is actively participating in local activities through our business places and working at environmental preservation activities.

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