Environmental Philosophy / Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

We recognize that permanent protection of the global environment is an important issue common to humankind, In order to fulfill its social responsibility, through business activities that take into consideration the global environment, We will work to reduce environmental impact.

Environmental Policy

1. Promote environment-friendly product development and reduce the environmental burden throughout the product life cycle.

2. To prevent global warming, we will strive to reduce greenhouse gases emitted by our business activities.

3. Recognize environmental aspects of business activities, set goals, and continuously improve environmental performance.

4. Observe environmental compliance and prevent environmental pollution.

5. Regularly evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of the environmental management system and continuously improve it.

6.  Through environmental education and enlightenment activities, all employees will understand the environmental policy, raise environmental awareness, and promote environmental activities in collaboration with affiliated companies and local communities.

This environmental policy will be disclosed to a third party upon request

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