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This Cookie Policy applies to the website (the “website”) run by NIDEC DRIVE TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION (the “Company” or “we”), and not to external websites or other NIDEC Group companies’ websites whose domain names are not “”

■ Cookie

A cookie is a small text file that is placed onto your computer or mobile device when you access this website. When you access this website once again, we use the cookie to recognize your browser. While a cookie may save information from your browsing history, it cannot read data on your computer’s hard disk drive or a cookie file from other website.

A cookie created by a website owner (i.e. the Company, in this document) is called a “first-party cookie,” while a cookie set by someone other than the website’s owner is called a “third-party cookie.” The Company can use third-party cookies to provide a third party’s characteristics or functions (i.e. advertisements, social media functions, and analysis) via this website.

■ Purposes of using cookies

(1)Understanding how the services that this website provides are used helps the Company to improve those services and to provide services that better meet viewers’ interests and needs.

(2)Analyzing how the services that this website provides are used (access status, traffic, routing, etc.) helps the Company to improve this website’s performance and the services that the Company provides viewers with via this website, show viewers optimum websites, and deliver proper advertisements.

■ Cookies that the Company uses

On this website, the Company uses the following cookies, whose categories are defined later:

Category Purpose Description
“Essential/critical” Operate this website as you request to it. - ASP.NET
“Analytical/performance” Track and consolidate web pages that viewers accessed on this website and data related to those pages, and link them to the “personal information for disclosure” that Macromill, Inc. owns, to analyze the breakdown of viewers to this website and their inflow to it. - Google Analytics icsjs/cookie-usage?csw=1
*To reject that tracking by Google Analytics, download Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on, and install it to the browser you are using.
- AccessMill:
*For the “personal information for disclosure” that Macromill, Inc. owns, see the section, “About personal information for disclosure,” on the above URL.
“Targeting/advertising” Use Social Plugin. - Facebook:
- Twitter:

Categories of cookies

Category 1: “Essential/critical” cookies.
The cookies in this category are critical for this website to operate properly, and enable its viewers to use its functions; for example, if you return to a previous page during a single access to this website, the cookies will record the actions you took on the particular page (e.g. text information that you entered on the page).

Category 2: “Analytical/performance” cookies.
The cookies in this category can collect data on how the viewers of this website use it. These cookies do not collect types of information that specify individual viewers: The information will all be collected anonymously, and used only to improve this website’s performance by understanding the subjects of your interest.

Category 3: “Targeting/advertising” cookies.
The cookies in this category are used to provide this website’s viewers with contents that are highly relevant to them and their interests, deliver targeted advertisements, and restrict the number of times that viewers watch advertisements. These cookies are linked to the “Like” and “Share” buttons and other services provided by third parties, who provide such services in exchange for recognizing viewers’ visits to this website.

■ How to change or delete cookies

Like internet browsers, this website is set up by default to receive cookies automatically; however, viewers can change the setting so that they can themselves delete cookies, or receive a warning when cookies are sent. For more details on how to change or delete browser settings, see individual cookies’ browser instructions or help scree ns.

Please note that invalidating cookies that the Company uses by deleting them, etc. may affect the operation of this website when it is being used – i.e., you may not be able to, for example, access particular sections of this website, or receive personal user information after accessing it.

For general information on how to use browsers, click any of the external links below:

• Microsoft Internet Explorer:
• Google Chrome:
• Mozilla Firefox:
• Apple Safari:

■ Use of cookies by third parties

Please note that the use of cookies by third parties (including contractors of advertisement networks and web traffic analysis services) is managed not by the Company but by those companies that provide the individual cookies. Companies that mainly provide analysis- performance, and targeting-related cookies may use personal information that viewers provided to this website to provide advertisements related to products and services that viewers may become interested in, while possibly using such personal information to measure advertisements’ effectiveness.

If you wish you not to have your personal information used by those third parties, change or delete your cookie settings.

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