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Electronic Control Type Servo Driver For being installed in capping machines BRX series


Enables a wide range of tightening

Driver unit + Setting display + Controller unit

No tightening variation / No liquid leakage and no over-tightening with the cap damage prevention function / Checks the tightening torque digitally and always monitors quality / Outputs the fault signal immediately if management mistakes occur / Can connect up to 10 controllers per 1 setting device through RS-422 connection / Can set and display torques from the touch panel by connect ingap rogrammable controller to the touch panel / Can set torques in a wide range between 0.5 and 10.00N.m (per 0.01N.m) / Can set the rotation speed between 50 and 500rpm (per 1rpm) / High accurate tightening with the torque feedback system / With the ARX continuously variable transmission, the rotation speed automatically changes according to the load, which realizes high accurate tightening in spite of the small motor / Automatically changes the rotation speed according to the load torque because of the built-in ARX continuously variable transmission / Mounts the torque sensor on the side of the output shaft and control tightening with the specified torque / When tightening finishes, displays the maximum output torque, and judge acceptance using the stored upper/lower limit values / Equipped with Centronics compatible printer output, RS-232C output, and analog output as standard / Maintenance-free and no brush powder

Product data

Basic information

Model BRX series
Tightening method ARX torque feedback method
Tightening shaft torque range 0.5~10.00N・m(Can set by 0.01N.m)
Remarks Please refer to catalog below for the details.

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