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The Nidec Tosok are looking for a supplier offering the following components.


Classification Part name Requirement specification etc. Target product
Cutting SHAFT Material: S45C
Surface treatment: hardening / tempering
Dimensions: φ 8 x 50 to 100 mm
Others: Polishing, spline processing possible, eccentricity available
Motorized products
GEAR Material: Brass
Dimension: about φ30
Others: Polishing and spline processing possible
Motorized products
RACK GEAR Material: SUS503
Dimension: about φ15
Others: Polishing and spline processing possible
Motorized products
Press GEAR Material: SAPH440 / SCM415
Heat treatment: Soft nitriding
Other: Hardness Hv 500 or more
Motorized products
Magnet MAGNET Material: Neodymium bond magnet (N36UH / N39UH)
Dimensions: φ 20 to 40, t 2.0 to 5.0
Motorized products
Casting CASE
Material: A6061
Heat treatment: T6
Others: Roll forming possible
Solenoid valve
Resin molding
Equipment: up to 200t class
Others: insert parts (terminals etc.) self-procureable
Motorized products
Aluminum die cast BODY Material: ADC12 ・ B39H
Equipment: 350 to 500t
Other: Cutting finish possible Control valve
Control valve
Motorized products
Iron casting BODY Material: FC250
Others: Cutting finish possible
Motorized products
Trial production Cutting parts · Pressed parts · Resin molding · Cast parts ·
Small amount trial manufacture of substrate
Control valve
Solenoid valve
Motorized products


Qualifications ・ Production record of automotive powertrain components
・ ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO / TS 16949 Acquired and operation record, green procurement correspondence
・ Preferable to obtain IATF 16949
・ Production bases in China, Mexico and Southeast Asian countries
・ Parts can be supplied to the following overseas production bases
Our production base ・ China (Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province)
・ Mexico (San Luis Potosi City of San Luis Potosi state)
・ Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)
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