Major Bases

Production Bases


Major Bases Area Function
NIDEC INSTRUMENTS (PHILIPPINES) CORPORATION Philippines Development and Manufacuturing of Plastic Molded Products and Lens units
NIDEC INSTRUMENTS (VIETNAM) CORPORATION Vietnam Manufacuturing of Stepping Motors, Motor drive units and Related parts processing
PT NIDEC INSTRUMENTS INDONESIA Indonesia Manufacture of Synchronous Motors and Motor Assemblies For a Home Electric Products an Office Apparatus, etc.
NIDEC INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION(MALAYSIA)SDN. BHD Malaysia Manufacture of Motors For a Home Electric Products and an Office Apparatus
NIDEC INSTRUMENTS (HANOI) CORPORATION Vietnam Precision Plastic Part Fabrication / Injection molding mold design and production
NIDEC MATERIAL CORPORATION Japan Manufacture and sales of Electric Contacts, Tungsten Alloy, Others
SUNSEIKI CO., LTD. Japan Manufacture and sales of Electric Contacts.
TOKYO MARUZEN INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Japan Manufacture of Rivet Type Electric Contacts For Automotive, Household, and Industrial Relays
NIDEC INSTRUMENTS SERVICE ENGINEERING CORPORATION Japan Maintenance of Machine Tools, Peripheral Equipments and Industrial Robots.
SCD Co., Ltd. South Korea Manufacture and sale of motor drive units
NIDEC INSTRUMENTS (DALIAN) CORPORATION China Manufacuturing of Precision Plastic Part Fabrication (Decoration and an Assembly, Metallic Mold Design, and Manufacture)
NIDEC INSTRUMENTS KOREA CORPORATION South Korea Sales of Motors, Motor Drive Units, Industrial Robots, Plastic Molded Parts
NIDEC INSTRUMENTS (GUANGDONG) CORPORATION China Manufacuturing of stepping motors, servo motors, motor drive units, lens assembly, processing of related parts, etc.
NIDEC INSTRUTENTS (DONGGUAN) CORPORATION China Precision Plastic Injection Molding Public-Funds Pattern Design and Manufacture, Fabrication, Assembly (First Factory) Precision Optical Plastic Lens Injection Moulding, Vapor Deposition, Assembly (The Second Factory)
PT NIDEC INSTRUMENTS BEKASI Indonesia Precision Plastic Part Fabrication
NIDEC INSTRUMENTS (SHAOGUAN) CO., Ltd. China Manufacuturing of Motor Drive Units, Stepping motors.
NIDEC INSTRUMENTS (TAIWAN) CORPORATION Taiwan Manufacuturing of Industrial Robots, and Motor-Related Parts and Components
NIDEC INSTRUMENTS AKITA CORPORATION Japan Engineering Plastic Dies and Molding, Manufacturing and Sales of Plastic Lenses and Optical Instruments
NIDEC INSTRUMENTS (ZHEJIANG) CORPORATION China Manufacuturing of Motor drive units, Industrial robots, Card readers.

North America・South America

Major Bases Area Function
NIDEC INSTRUMENTS MEXICO, S.A. de C.V. Mexico Manufacturing of For in-vehicle use Plastic molded products
NIDEC GENMARK AUTOMATION, INC. USA Manufacture and sale of high-precision robotics for the semiconductor, data storage, and flat panel display industries
NIDEC INSTRUMENTS (AMERICA) CORPORATION USA Sales of motors, card readers, in-vehicle plastic molded parts, etc.

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