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M-CONTact™ Series FPD module automatic lighting inspection device. Panel Inspection:Panel Lighting inspection.

It is an automatic lighting inspection device with a high-performance automatic contact function. the inspection target is Mobile and in-vehicle LCDs and OLED glasses, sheets The panel after cutting before the module state. Pixel defects, unevenness, etc. are detected with the panel lit. Unevenness detection and brightness and chromaticity measurement are possible with optional functions.
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Basic information

Inspection target LCD panel and OLED (glass / sheet)
Contact method Pin probe method(Minimum probe pitch: 0.12㎜)
   Probing to panel terminals by automatic contact
   Contact alignment accuracy:50μm(3σ)
Inspection function Lighting inspection
   Particle canceling mechanism
   Luminance chromaticity measurement (Option)
Detection defect type Points (pixel defects, detail defects, foreign substances), lines, unevenness, bubbles, abnormal lighting, and other defects
Applicable panel size 1 to 7 inches (2 sheets), 8 to 15 inches (1 sheet)
Equipment size Standard specifications C120:120M C151:151M C250:250M
   ※The lighting inspection camera can be modified according to specifications
Type change Switch between other registered models using the recipe ID
   ※Minimum Jig change
Option Mura(Uneven luminance inspection), Filter(ND filter), Luminance chromaticity measurement

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