About Nidec Corporation

Corporate Philosophy

Aim of Nidec Corporation

The aim of Nidec Corporation is to contribute to the development of society and welfare of the general public around the world. Nidec aims to do so by supplying the highest quality products. Our company is sincerely and enthusiastically dedicated to the trinity of technology, skillfulness, and modern science. Thereby, Nidec strives to promote prosperity of our society, our company, and all our employees.

The Nidec Group Upholds The Following Three Management Creeds

  1.  1.Employment stability based on sustainable business growth
  2.  2.Available supply of highest quality, indispensable, and widely desired products for the common good of all
  3.  3.Pursuit of the top leader position in each of the company's chosen paths


  •  Passion, Enthusiasm, Tenacity
  •  Working hard and smart
  •  Do it now; do it without hesitation; do it until completed
情熱・熱意・執念の画像です。The picture shows the spirit of Do it now, Do it without fail, Do it until completed.