Nidec Corporation
 New York Stock Exchange symbol: NJ
 Tokyo Stock Exchange code: 6594

Contact: Masahiro Nagayasu
General Manager
Investor Relations

Released on December 28, 2015, in Kyoto, Japan

Notification of Completion of Share Repurchase
through Off-Auction Own Share Repurchase Trading (ToSTNeT-3)

Nidec Corporation (NYSE: NJ) (the “Company”) announced that, in connection with its announcement released on December 25, 2015, the Company has repurchased shares of its common stock through the Tokyo Stock Exchange Trading NeTwork system for Off-Auction Own Share Repurchase Trading (ToSTNeT-3) today as described below:

1. Reason for Repurchase:
This repurchase was conducted with an intention to enable agile capital management highly responsive to the changing business environment.

2. Details of Repurchase:
(1) Class of shares repurchased: Common stock
(2) Number of shares repurchased: 9,600 shares
(3) Aggregate repurchased amount: 82,771,200 yen
(4) Date of repurchase: December 28, 2015
(5) Method of repurchase: Through the Tokyo Stock Exchange Trading NeTwork System for Off-Auction Own Share Repurchase Trading (ToSTNeT-3)

The following details were resolved by the Company’s Board of Directors on January 22, 2015:
1. Class of shares: Common stock
2. Total number of shares to be repurchased: Up to 4,000,000 shares
    (1.42% of total number of shares issued, excluding treasury stock)
3. Total repurchase amount: Up to 24 billion yen
4. Period of repurchase: From January 27, 2015 through January 26, 2016