Today, Nidec Corporation announced the design concept of a Traction motor system (e-axle), which includes e-machine, inverter and gear-box. Due to the increasing demand of the electrification of passenger vehicles, Nidec has developed this system targeting PHEV and Electric Vehicles.

Thanks to a Nidec-engineered unique motor cooling system, developed based on our experience as a leading electric motor company, the size and weight of the motor has been reduced drastically as compared to the competition, which leads to less material used for the system and lower cost. The low profile motor also provides more space for the cabin compartment. The system provides enough output capability to cover applications ranging from compact cars and sedans up to SUV platforms (40 to 150kW), as well as 1200 to 2550 Nm of torque at the wheel.

In addition, to respond to the diverse needs of our customers, the e-machine with its unique cooling system will also be available separately as an option. This solution allows our customers to combine the product with existing gear systems and/or electrification systems. Nidec Traction motor system for 130kW weights 80 kilograms.

Auxiliary components, like electric oil/water pumps, shift-by-wire actuators and other automotive products, which are offered by Nidec, can also be integrated depending on the customer’s requirements.

Nidec Corporation expects to launch the products to the mass market starting in 2019.

                  Inverter                              Integrated traction motor and gear-box

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