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This website is administered by Nidec Corporation (hereafter referred to as "Nidec"). Prior to using this site, you are required to read this agreement and Nidec privacy policy, and agree to the contents in advance.

1. Objective and Features of This Website

This site provides necessary information about Nidec and its products and services to all customers, concerned parties and users, as well as people who are eager to expand technical knowledge. In addition to being able to directly locate and view product or service profiles, you can also browse IR, CSR, and corporate information. The wide range of content on this site also allows you to peruse information about our technological capabilities, history, and policies.

2. Environments Required to Browse This Site

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3. Website Contents

The content of this site is principally intended to provide general information. When using the content for the purpose of making investments, carrying out business, or making important decisions, you are required to use the information under your own responsibility. Nidec aims to update the content on this site in a timely manner to provide greater convenience to users; however, it should not be deemed Nidec's essential obligation to do so. This site shall be used only after users understand and agree to this effect, and under their own responsibility and judgment. Users of this site are allowed to browse, print, or download the contents of this site only for personal or noncommercial use. In any case, however, modification, sale, broadcast, and distribution of any content on this site is not permitted. This condition shall be agreed to before using this site.

4. Links to Other Sites

In cases where links to other sites are contained on this site, Nidec is not liable for the contents and/or services of such sites. Responsibility for information of other sites and use of information on those sites shall be held by the providers of the contents and users who view and use them.

5. Protection of Trademarks, Copyright, and Intellectual Property

The copyright for works on the Nidec website belongs to either Nidec or other third parties.This shall be protected by the Copyright Act, the Industrial Property Act, and other laws related to the protection of intellectual property. Users of this site are allowed to browse, print, or download the contents of this site only for personal or noncommercial use. In any case, however, modification, sale, broadcast, and distribution of any content on this site is not permitted. This condition shall be agreed to before using this site.

Additionally, Nidec business names, trademarks, and brand logos, etc. on this website are all the business names, trademarks, or registered trademarks of Nidec.

6. About Privacy

User privacy terms and conditions shall comply with Nidec Privacy Policy, which is defined separately.

To improve our service, site measurements utilizing Google Analytics of Google Inc. are incorporated into this site. Analysis may be carried out using "cookie" text files that are generated through these measurements, and some types of user information such as IP addresses may be collected by Google, Inc. during the analysis. The information is used only for the purpose of analyzing site usage, sending of generated reports to the site operator, and for provision of other services. By using this site, users are regarded as having granted permission for the data processing carried out by Google, Inc. through the method and for the purpose mentioned above.

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7. About Accessibility

Characters to Be Used

No machine-dependent characters are used. Extended characters are replaced by other characters or changed into images.
Single-byte Katakana characters are not used.

Colors and Fonts

Adequate contrast is set between the text color and background colors so that the text can be read easily.
Device fonts are used wherever possible to configure the site so that it does not depend on the device environment.

Enlarging Text

This site is capable of enlarging text size, independently of the browser's enlargement settings.


For an external link (a link to a domain other than this site), an icon indicating the external link is configured, and for a link to a PDF file, a configured icon shows that the destination is a PDF file.

8. Amending Terms and Conditions

Nidec holds rights to change this agreement of use as necessary at its own discretion subject to manifestation of changes made to this site. Nidec will not necessarily announce any changes. We request that users check the contents of this agreement on a regular basis.

9. Disclaimer

Nidec always exercises the utmost care to ensure the accuracy of the information on this site. However, Nidec does not guarantee that all the information on this site is correct, safe, updated, or will be useful to all users. Users shall bear all responsibility for viewing and using this site.

Nidec excercises the right to restrict or prevent access by any user to this site at any time. Under no circumstances shall Nidec be liable for any direct or indirect losses that results from the above.

Users shall view this site and download contents under their own judgment and responsibility. Users shall address, under their own responsibility, any loss that results from server stoppages, change of information, or stoppages of any kind related to this website that may occur without prior notice, or any situation that results from failure or damage to online access, equipment, or data on the user side when viewing this site or downloading contents. Nidec shall bear no responsibility for any losses or outcomes that occur as a result of the above.

This disclaimer shall also apply to cases where Nidec is at fault.