From Our Chairman

Staying Competitive as a Socially Desirable Business Even 100 Years from Now

Electric motors power just about every present-day spinning/moving mechanism to make our lives easier, more convenient and comfortable. In the meantime, however, they could have a significant impact on the global environment due to their large power consumption, which, some estimate, comprises approximately half of all the power generated in the world.

Over the years, Nidec has contributed to reducing global power consumption and CO2 emissions through the energy efficiency of its motors and related products as the world’s leading comprehensive motor manufacturer.

Going forward, we will continue to make a difference by opening up a whole new level of efficiency, enabled through tighter integration of our industry-leading motor-drive expertise with advanced controllability and connectivity. Slowly yet constantly, we are poised to evolve into a “global comprehensive electromechanical device manufacturer” that is capable of bringing solutions to global issues a step closer.

Corporate Aim Nidec Corporation’s mission is to contribute to the development of society and welfare of the general public around the world.
Nidec aims to do so by supplying the highest quality products. Our company is sincerely and enthusiastically dedicated to the trinity of technology, expertise, and modern science.
Thereby, Nidec strives to promote the prosperity of our society, our company, and all our employees.

Solving the World’s Issues

Mission Statement

In August 2015, we participated in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) as part of efforts to take our CSR practices to new heights. In this initiative, we are committed to practicing the UNGC’s 10 universally accepted principles in the four areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption, promising to be actively involved in the UN-advocated development goals. In such areas as anti-climate change measures, economic development of emerging economies afflicted with power shortage, and improving poverty-stricken people’s living standards, Nidec will provide solutions indispensable for people’s lives and for the future of the global environment.

Achieving high job satisfaction and economic development

While evolving as a solutions company, we will improve our productivity per employee to the level of quality companies in Europe and the United States. Achieving this target requires us to make necessary capital and educational investments based on our plan, and we will commit to investing for these purposes. Individual employees will, I hope, be able to achieve excellent results within a limited time, and use the time saved to spend on their private lives, skill improvement, etc., to become even more productive people with extensive knowledge. It is crucial for Nidec and its employees to grow together, for the company to stay competitive as a socially desirable company, even 100 years from now.

Shigenobu Nagamori
Founder, Chairman and CEO