Nidec held an environmental class at the municipal Sakaidani Elementary School in Kyoto on November 19, 2014. The class, titled “What we can do with motors for the global environment,” taught the school’s students about motors, their impact to the global environment, and Nidec’s environmental actions, and had the students discuss what they as individuals can do for the global environment.

Many questions came from the students, whose enthusiasm to learn very much inspired the Nidec employees who hosted the class.

Students raise their hands to answer a question on motors’ roles in the global environment. The class, thanks to the students’ enthusiasm to learn about the motors and the environment, was held in a very cozy mood.

Students make motors under Nidec employees’ instructions. Seeing motors rotate well brought a wonderful smile to the students’ faces.

Students touch and learn Nidec’s motors, which are used in many different scenes in people’s daily lives. Seeing the students’ honest reactions to our products was such a delight!