Employees of three Nidec Group companies, Nidec Electronics (Thailand), Nidec Precision (Thailand), and Component Technology (Thailand) (the “three Nidec Group companies in Thailand”) jointly planted mangroves along the seacoast of Songkhram Province, approximately 70km southwest of Bangkok, for two days on June 11 and 25.

A record number of 328 participants since this event started in 2007, consisting of employees of three Nidec Group companies in Thailand and their families, planted 1,350 young mangroves in a designated area.

This year marks the ninth anniversary since the three Nidec Group companies in Thailand started this plantation activity in FY2007 as one of its major social contribution programs (This event was cancelled in FY2012, when Thailand was hit by a major flooding). A total of 2,580 people have participated in this event so far, and the number of the mangroves they have planted exceeded the 10,000 benchmark, and reached 10,460 this fiscal year. Approximately 198 tons* of CO2 is estimated to have been absorbed by these planted trees so far.


While enjoying development as a nation via active invitation of industrial operations, Thailand has such problems as deforestation and environmental destruction. As members of the companies operating in Thailand, and determined to maintain balance between industrial development and conservation of the global environment, the three Nidec Group companies in Thailand will continue to launch energy-saving, plantation, and other environmental conservation activities focused on preventing the global warming and reducing greenhouse gases, and contribute to the global environment.

*An estimate based on the assumption that each planted mangrove will absorb 0kg of CO2 until the fourth year after it was planted, and 11kg annually since the fifth year and beyond.