Board Of Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members and Executive Officers

Hiroshi Kobe

Vice Chairman and CSO

Adviser to President (Global Business Promotion & Marketing Division, Global Centralized Purchasing Division, Secretarial Office, Corporate Administration & Internal Audit Department, Compliance Office, Global Trade Administration Office, Risk Management Office, Corporate Planning Department, Public Relations & Advertising Department, Legal Department, General Affairs Department, Human Resources Department, Human Resource Planning Department, International Business Administration Department, Sales Administration & Service Department, 3Q6S)
Chairman of Nidec Servo Corporation
Director of Nidec Global Service Corporation

1973 Jul Participated in the establishment of Nidec Corporation
1982 Mar Marketing Department Manager
1984 Nov Board Member
1991 Nov Board Member and Managing Director
1996 Apr Board Member and Senior Managing Director
2000 Apr Executive Vice President
2005 Apr Chief Operating Officer
2006 Jun Representative Director and Executive Vice President
2015 Jun Representative Director and Vice Chairman, Chief Sales Officer (current position)

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