Masahiro Nagayasu
General Manager
Investor Relations

As announced in the press release dated November 14, 2023, “Notice Regarding the Results of the Tender Offer for Takisawa Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (Securities Code: 6121)”, in the tender offer conducted by Nidec Corporation in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (Act No. 25 of 1948, as amended) and related laws and regulations (the “Tender Offer”), regarding the common shares issued by Takisawa Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (listed on the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. Securities Code: 6121. the “Target Company”), the total number of the share certificates, etc. tendered for the Tender Offer (the “Tendered Share Certificates, etc.”) exceeded the minimum number to be purchased in the Tender Offer, and therefore Nidec Corporation was scheduled to purchase, etc. all of the Tendered Share Certificates, etc.

Today, we would like to announce that Nidec Corporation has completed the purchase, etc. and settlement of all of the Tendered Share Certificates, etc. of 5,502,183 shares in total through Mita Securities Co., Ltd. and Monex Inc. (subagent). As a result, we owns 86.14% of the voting rights in the Target Company and it has become a member of Nidec Group. The Target Company's lathes will be newly added to Nidec’s machine tool business portfolio, and under the goal of becoming the world's No.1 comprehensive machine tool manufacturer, we aim to enhance not only the Target Company’s corporate value but also an entire corporate value of Nidec group by creating synergies between Nidec Group and the Target Company.

We will advance and carry out squeeze-out procedures through consolidation of shares in the Target Company in order to make the Target Company our wholly owned subsidiary as soon as possible.