Today, Nidec Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of electric motors and peripheral equipment with operations in 43 countries, announced that its automotive division will exhibit at Auto China 2018 to be held in Beijing, China in April - May this year. Nidec's electric motors are already used in tens of millions of automobiles across the world and Auto China 2018 provides an excellent opportunity for the company to showcase its latest technologies

China's remarkable economic growth is providing a tailwind to the country's automobile market which is increasingly gathering attention due to its scale and potential. At the same time, the surge in use of automobiles presents issues related to the environment and road safety, contributing to a worldwide trend toward new energy vehicles (EV / PHEV). As a manufacturer of key devices essential to new energy vehicles, including traction motor systems, the Nidec group is well-positioned to contribute to solving these problems.

The highlights of Nidec’s booth include interactive demonstrations of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that track obstacles on the road, a human machine interface solution that alerts the driver through haptic feedback when the car is about to depart from its lane. Autonomous driving and ADAS are gaining traction worldwide and Nidec develops a range of key devices utilizing advanced sensing and control technologies.

In addition, Nidec’s e-axle traction motor system that was announced in September last year will be displayed publically for the first time. The system, which replaces the engines of conventional gasoline-powered vehicles, is comprised of a compact and efficient electric motor with a unique cooling system, an inverter and a gear-box. Designed for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, it provides enough output capability to cover applications ranging from compact cars and sedans up to SUV platforms (40 to 150 kW).

These key devices have been designed to meet the increasingly strict requirements on functional safety posed by the market. Other products on display include haptic devices for in-vehicle infotainment systems—one of the main devices contributing to the spread of connected cars—, a concept for electric power steering motors that are compatible with steer-by-wire systems, and electrical water, oil and vacuum pumps.

Location and schedule

Venue: China International Exhibition Center New Venue
Booth number: W3-W02
Exhibition period: Friday, 27 April - Saturday, 5 May 2018 (public days)
  Members of the media are also welcome to visit our booth during the press days, April 25 and 26, to learn more about Nidec’s technologies and the market trends and values that drive our research and development.


Contact information

Exhibition Coordinator:
Kazutaka Motoda
Tel: +81-749-42-6058


Media contact:
Jacob Eveson
Tel: +81-75-935-6150