Nidec Sankyo Corporation
Toshiyuki Otsuka (Representative Director and President)
5329, Shimosuwa-machi, Suwa-gun, Nagano 393-8511, Japan

December 7, 2022

Nidec Sankyo Corporation (the “Company” or “we”) announced today that it has become the first company in the world to develop a tactile device that adopts cylindrical silicone gel, which the Company has developed on its own.

Recent years are seeing the applications of tactile devices spreading into many areas, including the input operations of VR games and other mechanical devices. For conventional smartphones and other products, eccentric weightequipped rotary motors and vertical linear actuators have been used. Lately, though, by controlling vibrations finely, it has become possible to reproduce not only input responses and other simple vibrations, but various other types of senses, such as friction, softness, and hardness, e.g., graininess and slickness, as well.

The Company’s newly developed cylindrical silicone gel-equipped tactile device, as described above, reproduces the senses of force and touch, while, with the silicone gel supporting the magnet and the coil, this single component works as both a spring and a damper. With the use of the uniquely blended silicone, the tactile device can adjust its resonance peaks freely, while its spring- and damper-free structure prevents mechanical fatigue, making this device highly durable.

The Company, which is producing this product in China and Vietnam, expects to see it installed in home gaming systems, automotive touch panels, and office automation equipment, among others in Japanese, European, US, Chinese, and other markets.

As a member of the world’s leading comprehensive motor manufacturing group, we will stay committed to providing innovative solutions that contribute to creating a comfortable society.

For more details on the product, please click the URL below:

New-generation Tactile Devices that Reproduce Realistic Sensations in the Metaverse

For inquiries on the above product, please contact the Company’s Sales Promotion Department (Tel: +81-3-5740-3006).

On April 1, 2023, Nidec Sankyo Corporation will be renamed Nidec Instruments Corporation.