Nidec Advanced Motor Corporation
Masayuki Mohri (Representative Director and President)
3-93 Aioi-cho, Kiryu-city, Gunma, 376-0011, Japan

Nidec Advanced Motor Corporation (“Nidec Advanced Motor” or the “Company”) announced today that it has launched new dust- and water-proof quiet fans, the D1225R series.

The D1225R series, Nidec Advanced Motor’s latest dust- and water-proof quiet fans, employ resin molds for their internal structures, meet the IP68, the highest-level rating for dust, water, and other kinds of resistance, and can be used under harsh outdoor environments.
As the seller of the Gentle Typhoon-brand PC fans that employed the innovative swept-forward propeller, the Company has enjoyed high acclaim from the users of the products for their low-noise performance. The D1225R series, their successors, inherit the technical knowhow of their predecessors, boast the characteristic of suppressing noise level until their air volumes are close to the largest level. As the use of the 5G communication technology and EVs spreads in society spreads, these new fans are expected to be adopted for use in cooling mobile communication base stations, EV battery chargers, and other outdoor equipment whose demand is rising.

As a member of the world’s leading comprehensive motor manufacturer, we stay committed to providing solutions that contribute to making a comfortable society.

For inquiries on the above products, please contact Nidec Advanced Motor Corporation’s Sales Planning department at +81-3-6779-5800. Thank you.