Nidec Power Train Systems Corporation
Noboru Kaneko (Representative Director and President)
2-24-1 Sobudai, Zama City, Kanagawa, 252-8570, Japan

Nidec Power Train Systems Corporation (the “Company”) announced today that it has successfully developed a new electric oil pump for automotive CVT (continuously variable transmission) systems.

Nidec Power Train Systems’ New Electric Oil Pump

This latest product is used to supply oil pressure to the CVT system of a vehicle in the idling-stop mode, and support a car’s engine-driven mechanical oil pump.

In an active attempt to reduce their vehicles’ CO2 emissions, individual car manufacturers are shifting toward producing electric and hybrid vehicles and other eco-friendly cars installed with an idling-stop function.

The Company’s conventional lineup of electric oil pumps had products with a hydraulic supply range of 1MPa or less. Unlike them, the new oil pump employs an efficient, high-pressure-range vane pump, and boasts the Company’s unique control system that adjusts motor output based on load conditions, to realize a hydraulic supply range of 0.3 – 4MPa. Generally, an engine-driven mechanical oil pump is used to supply oil pressure to a 2 – 4MPaclass unit. However, by combining a unit with this new oil pump that can supply high oil pressure, users can reduce the sizes of their mechanical pumps, to enjoy a better fuel efficiency of an entire hydraulic supply system

Nidec Power Train Systems Corporation stays committed to pursuing precision technology, great accuracy, and high reliability to create solutions that contribute to the development of mobility