Nidec Precision Corporation

Nidec Precision Corporation (“Nidec Precision” or the “Company”), a member of Nidec Corporation’s group companies, announced today that it has developed TapSense, the world’s thinnest linear resonant actuator*.


Nidec Precision’s TapSense

Nidec Precision developed TapSense, the world’s thinnest* 1.4mm-thick linear resonant actuator by utilizing its precision manufacturing technology that the Company has, since its foundation, nurtured in the camera industry – and by designing from scratch a magnetic circuit optimum for a thin actuator. TapSense realizes tablet and notebook PCs and other digital terminals that are thinner than their conventional models.

With its excellent responsiveness and vibration force, TapSense can reproduce a crisp click feeling, while recreating a variety of tactile feedback, including the feeling of dial control.  Additionally, its high responsiveness makes TapSense easier to control than conventional linear resonant actuators.

The cumulative shipments of the Nidec Group’s vibration motors exceeded 1.5 billion units at the end of March 2024, and these motors produced by Nidec’s technologies which enable light, thin, short, and small form factors with high efficiency and ease of control are highly valued by our customers.

As a member of the world’s leading comprehensive motor manufacturer, Nidec Precision stays committed to proposing revolutionary solutions that contribute to realizing a comfortable society.


*Data, from Nidec Precision’s research, as of May 01, 2024


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