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Specially designed for automotive use, with high quality, high functionality, and high reliability

In addition to demands for safety and comfort, we have become aware of market demands for low power consumption and emissions, and there is an ongoing move towards in-car electronics. The automotive motor market is expanding rapidly. We provide automotive manufacturers with mid-sized brushless and brush DC motors that have long life, high power, high response, and quietness characteristics for use in parts in vehicle equipment.

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Product data

Basic information

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Size φ76
Length 52 mm~
Operation temperature 0 ℃~
Mass 580~580 g
Companies handling the product Nidec Corporation
Operating voltage 13 V13~13 V
output ~400 W
Stall torque 3300 mN・m3300~3300 mN・m

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For inquiries related to Nidec products incorporated into end products manufactured by other companies, please contact the end product manufacturer. For contractual reasons, Nidec is unable to repair, replace, quote or suggest replacement products for components that have been designed specifically for a particular end product manufacturer.

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