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Tactile devices

Nidec offers a variety of tactile devices with excellent vibration properties that make people feel as if they were touching an actual object, and that offers a fantastic degree of freedom in design. Thanks to its excellent tactile effects, these devices are used in multiple brands of smartphones, PCs, smartwatches, and other products.

The Nidec Group boasts a product lineup that accommodates a variety of needs, such as “delicate feelings” required for wearables, smartphones, and for tablets; and automotive touch panels, VR, games, and other large devices that need a significant amount of feedback.

About tactile devices

A tactile device uses vibrations to create tactile feedback, and vibration motors are typically used in mobile phones. Tactile devices are expected to be used in touch panels, buttons, switches, games, movies, automobiles, medical care products, and many other applications.

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For inquiries related to Nidec products incorporated into end products manufactured by other companies, please contact the end product manufacturer. For contractual reasons, Nidec is unable to repair, replace, quote or suggest replacement products for components that have been designed specifically for a particular end product manufacturer.

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