On August 01, 2019, Nidec Research and Development Center, Japan (NRC(J)) became the first Nidec Group organization to adopt the “green electricity certificate system*” provided by Japan Natural Energy Company Limited.

The adoption of this system proves that 450,000kWh, or approximately 25% of the electricity that NRC(J) consumes per year, is originated from renewable energies, and is expected to curb the facility’s CO2 emissions by approximately 200 tons every year.

Site  Nidec Corporation’s Nidec Research and Development Center, Japan (NRC(J))
Period  August 01, 2019 – July 31, 2020
Electricity usage  450,000kWh per year
CO2 reduction  Approximately 200 tons per year
Reason to adopt the system  Generate electricity to operate a research facility

Active in implementing climate change measures to realize a carbon-free society, the Nidec Group launched a SMART 2030 project in April 2019 to curb the total amount of greenhouse gases generated directly from its business activities and indirectly after using electricity and heat supplied from other companies by 30% in FY2030 from its FY2017 figure. In this project, which includes the latest adoption of the green electricity certificate system, Nidec will launch various measures to help create a decarbonized society.

*In the “green electricity certificate system,” a certificate-issuing business operator deals in the environmental additional values of natural energy-generated electricity in the form of “green electricity certificate” after obtaining certification by a third-party certification authority (Japan Quality Assurance Organization). The costs paid by the companies, local municipalities and other entities that purchase a “green electricity certificate” will be used via a certificate-issuing business operator for, among other purposes, the maintenance and expansion of electric power facilities. This system, where even companies, local municipalities, and other organizations that do not have an electric power plant but that purchase a “green electricity certificate” are considered as green electricity users that contributed to promoting natural energies based on the amount (in kWh) of the electricity written in their certificates, is gaining attention as a system that can prevent global warming.
Source: Website of Japan Natural Energy Company Limited (Japanese)