Nidec Corporation has given its approval for the philosophy of the City of Kyoto’s “2050 Zero CO2 Emissions from Kyo (meaning Kyoto)” Ordinance.

This ordinance was enacted to help Kyoto achieve various goals, such as becoming a “decarbonized society whose net CO2 emissions will be zero in 2050,” to make the city full of dreams for future generations. Toward these goals, Kyoto is implementing activities to expand the circle of people to act to achieve a decarbonized society.

By providing high-efficiency motors and related products, our company contributes to realizing an “energy-efficient” decarbonized society, while, in July this year, declaring that we will make the CO2 from our business activities (Scopes 1 & 2) carbon-neutral by the fiscal year of 2040. Thus, we at Nidec will intensify our efforts on these actions to realize a sustainable global environment.