Nidec Instruments Corporation
Toshiyuki Otsuka (Representative Director and President)
5329 Shimosuwa-cho, Suwa-gun, Nagano, 393-8511, Japan

Nidec Instruments Corporation (“Nidec Instruments” or the “Company”), a group company of Nidec Corporation, announced today that it has launched an industry-first card reader integrated with NFC*1 (Near Field Communication).

As an increasing number of payments are done electronically, NFC-based settlements, which use contact-less IC cards and mobile phones, are spreading rapidly, leading to a growing need to install NFC readers in checkout devices. However, there has always been a difficult issue of securing additional space inside terminals’ chassis for an NFC card reader, as those terminals must maintain the functions for conventional magnetic cards and contact-type IC cards. Nidec Instruments has developed this new, NFC-integrated card reader to solve this issue.

Not only is this latest card reader capable of reading magnetic data on conventional magnetic cards and contact-type IC cards, it is equipped with NFC, which processes communications with contactless IC cards, mobile phones and RFID*2 (Radio Frequency Identification) tags. By installing an NFC reader’s antenna on the importing slot of card readers for conventional payment terminal devices, the Company has successfully developed the industry’s first NFC-integrated card reader. With this product, terminal device manufacturers now can add NFC functions without expanding the areas of the panels on their products’ chassis.

Certified according to the EMV(R)*3 standard for credit card transactions, and capable of handling electronic money, this new, NFC-integrated card reader is expected to be installed in GAS-POS terminals and kiosk checkout devices used in hospitals, parking lots, restaurants, and many other places.

*1 NFC: Near Field Communication

*2 RFID (Radio Frequency Identification): An automatic recognition technology to use radio waves to read information on IC tags without contacting them

*3 EMV(R): An industry standard specification for credit card-based payments, and payment service based on the specification.

The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo., LLC.

For more details on the above product, please contact Group 1, Sales Department 3 of Nidec Instruments Corporation’s Sales Division at +81-3-5740-3004 (direct line). Thank you.

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