Built in June 2012, the Nidec Shin-Kawasaki Technology Center started its operations in its new R&D facility in January 2014. The new building, with four stories above the ground and two underground stories, occupies a total floor area of 17,866m2, has state-of-art equipment for motor researches, and constantly engages in researches to create the "seeds" of future technologies.

Building map


The Nidec Shin-Kawasaki Technology Center, located closely to JR Yokosuka Line's Shin-Kawasaki Station, is in the R&D facility complex promoted by the city of Kawasaki. The area, known as the "Shin-Kawasaki, the Sozo no mori (Forest of Creation)," is close to the Kawasaki Business Incubation Center as well. Nidec Shin-Kawasaki Technology Center, a white-based building, has a corridor connecting the North and South Buildings, and boosts six stories, including the two underground.


The superb streetscape around the Nidec Shin-Kawasaki Technology Center can be seen from its rooftop, where you can see Mt. Fuji on sunny days.

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