Nidec Research And Development Center

The objective of the laboratory is to enhance and fortify basic research and expand the field of applied studies

Functions and Roles

"Nidec Research and Development Center, Japan" aims to enhance and fortify basic research and expand the field of applied studies.

Its concept is to function as "a world-leading motor research and development base suitable for the world's No.1 manufacturer of comprehensive drive technology". The Development Center's mission is comprised of the following three objectives.

  1. As the technical driving force for the Nidec Group's global growth,
  2. 1. Enhance Nidec’s fundamental R&D capability and competence in applied technology to create high-value-added products.
  3. 2. Serve as a hub to create technological synergies with our group companies around the world.
  4. 3. Train researchers and engineers to be world-class experts through research activities.

Bases and Research System

The Laboratory is based in Japan (Kawasaki City) and Taiwan. With the aim of becoming a high-level global institute, it employs holders of doctorate degrees and foreign researchers. The following seven departments of the research system engage in a wide range of development and applied studies of next-generation motors.

Research System of the Research and Development Center

Nidec Research and Development Center (Japan)

The NRC(J) was founded in June 2012, and started its operations in January 2014. With four floors above ground and two floors below ground (17,953m²), and state-of-art motor research equipment, the Center engages in researches everyday to create “seeds” of future technologies.

Nidec Research and Development Center, Taiwan

Nidec Research and Development Center, Taiwan

The Nidec Research and Development Center, Taiwan was opened in September 2012. Located in STIR (Southern Taiwan Innovation & Research Park) in the southern district of Taiwan, the Center collaborates with highly-skilled ITRI (Industries Technology Research Institute), MIRDC (Metal Industries Research & Development Centre), major universities and Taiwanese companies on basic research subjects such as motor structures and motor control.

Efforts and Achievements Reflected in Products

Concerning the motors, major subjects of study at the Nidec Research and Development Center include promotion of high efficiency motors, motors that do not require magnets, motors that do not require rare earths, and anticipatory studies into next generator motors. The subject of study into motors that do not require magnets includes research into SR motors (Switched Reluctance Motors) for electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid vehicles (HEV). In addition, in order to enhance level of the total basic technology, the Laboratory will make an effort in constructing the basic development infrastructure for the next generator motors. The study into this area will be focused on the materials, electronic parts, heat and fluids, elemental technology such as structure, vibrations and sounds, and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering).

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